WealthBuilders Podcast Business Acquisitions

Guy was invited back to contribute again recently on the WealthBuilders Podcast, this time on […]

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Are You Really Ready to Sell?

Deciding to sell your business is a huge decision and one which can be deeply […]

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Fidelis Podcast

If you’re considering selling your business it’s likely to be the largest single transaction of […]

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Selling a business – Wealth Builders Podcast

Fidelis Senior Partner Guy Bartlett was recently asked to be a featured guest on the […]

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What’s your magic number

Do you have a magic number? The golden figure. The one number that will change […]

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Mental Health Awareness

Doncaster Rovers’ James Coppinger and Fidelis Senior Partner Terry Gormley discuss the importance of mental […]

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Find Your ‘Why’

If you’ve ever read anything by Simon Sinek you’ll understand the importance of knowing your […]

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Living Your life Now

Two years ago, if someone had suggested going for a run with me, I would’ve […]

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Are Football and Business Linked?

Have you ever thought about the link between football and business? I’ve spent years coaching […]

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7 Factors which influence a business valuation

Valuing a business can be a minefield. There are several methods used which invariably result […]

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How you can avoid being one of the 4 out of 5 businesses that go up for sale but never sell

7 Steps To Take Before Selling Your Business

This information-packed, 10 page guide is completely free and will take you through the important steps you need to consider before selling your business including: Is now the right time? Understanding Glide Path exits, valuations and brokers. Get your copy by clicking below.