You’ve done it.

You’ve run the race.

You’ve achieved what you set out to achieve and you’ve experienced the success. 

Does your business still provide a good lifestyle or are you ready to reap the rewards and get some time back?

What's Your Plan To Exit?

If exiting your business seems like a distant and daunting prospect, you’re not alone.

When you spend years building your business the prospect of exiting or retiring can feel strange and overwhelming. Equally, if you’re ready to enjoy a slower pace of life or just do the things you want to do, you might feel shackled to the very thing that’s been supporting your lifestyle.

Maybe you just want to get out of that space and breathe again. But it’s a classic stalemate. You can’t live in your business any more but you can’t live without it – literally and emotionally.

The truth is, the things you own can end up owning you.

Reward Your Hard Work

The chances are you’re likely to be protective of your business and the legacy you’ve created, and quite rightly so. Building and running a business is hard graft. But it’s not just about long hours, it’s about the people around you who you’ve invested in. Employees, suppliers, clients and family, everyone whose lives have been supported by the business.

You don’t want to see all of that go to waste, but only you know when it’s time to plan your exit.

How Do You Protect Your Legacy?

You might consider coaching a family member to take the reins or perhaps your management team could take over. Or maybe you already have a buyer lined up, or at least have someone in mind.

Any of these possibilities might work, but they also have their pitfalls.

If you’re coaching family, then you probably are not concerned about a significant pay out for tax planning reasons (we all know that gifting assets early enough can mitigate some big tax bills).  It also still leaves you with the challenge of funding your retirement. 

If you’re hoping for a management buyout it’s usually for two reasons; firstly, you care a lot about the people you have trained and developed and want to secure their future.  Secondly, this is assuming you have made sure that there is a decent exit package worked out with the team and that they can raise the cash needed to buy you out.

Is your prospective buyer a serious contender, a competitor maybe?

Finding a buyer for your business can open up all sorts of possibilities that you might not like (such as getting rid of staff, closing premises, not getting best value etc).

There Is Another Way

We have developed an exit programme ‘Glide Path’ for business owners who want to be in control of their departure.

Glide path is a structured, gradual exit plan which enables you to phase your departure from your business over time. It means that you can sell your business and enjoy the rewards but still be involved until you’re ready to leave completely.

Here's How It Works

Once we have agreed a price for your business, we’ll work with you to build your bespoke Glide Path. It might look something like this:
£ 3Million Agreed Sale Price
  • Lump sum payment of £1,500,000 amount of the sale price paid on deal completion
  • £1,500,000 balance paid over 3 years (varies) or
  • An agreed % of profit paid until the balance is cleared. This will vary dependent on business performance
  • Time back for you
  • Enjoy the rewards for all your hard work
  • Discover the new phase of life you've always planned for

The Stress-Free Solution

By working with Fidelis in this way you remain involved with your business and in control of your departure. You, and those around you, will have a clear and structured plan which has the future growth and success of the company at its heart.

Plus, you can still spend time in your business while you mentally prepare to leave for good. 

The Fidelis Business System

This is our systemic enrichment tool which we introduce to all of our businesses, to enhance and grow what already exists operationally. We incorporate the highest quality business management systems, personnel development, and expense reduction processes to enhance all aspects of your company.

This instant shot of energy invigorates the entire team and has a proven effect on profitability and productivity. This means, if you’ve chosen a profit-linked package, that your remaining funds will be paid more quickly, and you can enjoy the rewards much sooner.

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