What Is The Fidelis Business System?

The Fidelis Business System (or you may see it referred to as FBS) is the systemised process of improvement which we follow to enhance our group companies.

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Does Fidelis Invest In Start-Ups?

We don’t get involved with start-ups. Our expertise lies in enhancing and growing existing companies that already have systems/processes and a team in place.

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What If I Want To Remain At My Company In A Reduced Capacity?

We often work with business owners who want to move more slowly towards an eventual exit. For various reasons a business owner might prefer not to leave the company immediately. This phased exit or ‘glide path’ is a good way to release equity in your business and remain in the business in a reduced capacity, or as a consultant perhaps. Then, when you are ready to sell and we’re ready to buy, we can complete the sale.

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How Do I Value My Business?

We have a useful tool on our website called the “Business Valuation Calculator” which will provide you with a rough guide to the valuation of your business. You will receive an indication of what you can expect rather than an accurate valuation, but if you are considering selling, it is a helpful tool to use as a starting point.

Here is a link to our calculator: https://thefidelisgroup.co.uk/business-valuation-calculator/

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Does Fidelis Offer Investment?

At the moment, we are only concentrating on complete acquisitions/phased exits rather than partial investments in companies outside the Group.

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Do You Offer Any Help With Acquisition/Growth?

One of our senior partners at Fidelis, Guy Bartlett, runs mastermind courses (the Elite programme) within our sister company The Business Buyers Club, although we are not recruiting new members at the moment.

We do however have an online course, Business Buying Blueprint, which covers all the same material as the Elite programme. If you’d like to check it out here’s the link:


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How Does The Process Work?

Our policy is always to work with complete transparency and honesty.

After a chat with one of our partners or directors we will ask to see either your company prospectus or a company overview and at least three years accounts. Please look here to see our selling process in greater depth. https://thefidelisgroup.co.uk/the-selling-process/

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How Will We Know If Fidelis Is Right For Us?

After your initial enquiry, or our approach to you, we will both sign a confidentiality agreement (NDA) so that we can exchange information securely. Once this has been done, we will discuss your company’s performance, such as looking at turnover and profit. But, the most important factor will be to ensure that our values, needs and wants are aligned. We want to ensure that there is a win-win for both parties. Fidelis is a people business and it is greatly important that we identify our key values match your key values.

Selling is a business can be an emotional process – it makes it much easier selling to someone you’ve got to know, like and trust.

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Is Fidelis A Business Broker?

We are not a business broker.

There are no fees involved when selling your business to us and none of the stresses associated with using a middleman. Our team is your team and you can count on us to be straight-talking and open, whatever your goals. Whether you are a business owner looking for a tailored exit, or an investor searching for an opportunity to be part of something truly unique; we are here to cherish your vision.

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How Do You Sell A Business?

Firstly, when you are thinking of exiting your business, we would encourage you to think about your “why”. What would like to achieve from selling your business in terms of cash or time back? What’s your plan for your future?

You will definitely find this free download useful:

For a full overview of the options and processes involved with selling a business, please take a look at these two videos:

Short video: https://youtu.be/cGh4uAWF5zM

Extended video: https://youtu.be/lSdALhiFmXI

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What Steps Should I Take Before Selling My Business?

Making the decision to sell your business may seem like a daunting prospect at first, but with some tools in your armoury and good planning, you will be in a great position to take your first steps.

An important factor of selling your business is that you prepare mentally. You want the best person to buy your business and you should acknowledge practical considerations, for example, are they a competitor? But you should also consider any emotional considerations too such as, will they protect the legacy of your business? We would advise you to create a written plan which includes your budgets and a calendar of activity, along with an avatar which will help you focus your effort and understand who your ideal buyer is.

All of this, and more is covered in this free download:

And if you’re considering using a broker, please read this blog post first!

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Does Fidelis Invest In Property?

We do not currently invest in property. Our sole focus is on mainland UK, owner-managed businesses at present.

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Acquisition Criteria

We predominantly look for strong, profitable businesses in building/construction, business services or manufacturing sectors, preferably with a strong second tier management structure in place. 

However, we consider all opportunities and quite often it’s more about how we feel we can enhance and grow the business and how it fits in with our group.

You can find our list of preferred sectors here:


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Is Fidelis UK Based?

Yes, we’re based in the UK and at the moment, we are concentrating on acquiring UK companies. Our Head Office is in Wilmslow, Cheshire and we have a satellite office in Doncaster.

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What are the benefits of working with Fidelis?

When you work with Fidelis you will benefit from our years of experience and our flexible approach.

There are no broker or agency fees which means there is no uncertainty or stress. We offer stress-free solutions for business owners and win-win results which work for all parties.

When you deal directly with Fidelis, there are no valuation fees and you will receive a fair and honest valuation of your business.

We can structure your exit to meet your individual goals, whether that’s to reduce your workload or to make a full, clean exit on completion.

Our step by step process includes written reassurances for your protection, so you will always feel confident that we are looking after you, your employees and your business.

Our team is made up of down to earth people who are straight-talking and always treat people respectfully. We’re a people business and this is of great importance to us.

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What Values Do Fidelis Uphold?

Our values are at the heart of everything we do. They form the acronym “Faith”.


Forward thinking. We invest in the future of our team, our investors, and the community.


Accountable. We do what we say we will do. We take ownership and responsibility and we honour our promises.


Individuals. We respect and encourage everyone to be the best they can be, as part of our team and with a common goal.


Tenacious. We pull together in adversity and we are creative in overcoming challenges.


Honest. We think and act in a straightforward manner with integrity and truth.

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What does Fidelis do?

We’re an investment company, and we buy owner-managed UK businesses. Our aim is to enhance and grow what is already there and also to protect the legacy of every business we buy. We work with business owners to structure an exit which helps them to reach their goals and ensure they’re rewarded for all their hard work.

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