Doncaster Rovers’ James Coppinger and Fidelis Senior Partner Terry Gormley join the ‘Heads Up’ campaign.

The Heads up Campaign, supported by the Duke of Cambridge, aims to build awareness of men’s mental health and what better way to do that than through sport?

Football is our national game, talked about by many almost every day. The aim of the campaign is to encourage men to discuss their mental health in the same way, openly and without embarrassment.

James and Terry are great friends. They met when James was introduced to Terry during a period when he was struggling with his own mental health and it was impacting his game. James has always been open about the transformation Terry was able to influence and about how the sessions revolutionised his performance at Doncaster Rovers.

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Guy Bartlett Awarded Entrepreneur of the Year at EIC’s Annual Awards Event

The team at Fidelis was very proud last week to see Senior Partner Guy Bartlett receive a much-deserved award at the Elite Investor Club’s annual presentation and fundraising evening.

Guy was awarded ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ at the illustrious event, hosted by the EIC at the Victory Services Club at Marble Arch, and it marks a year of exceptional entrepreneurial achievements. Typically modest, Guy was shocked but honoured to be recognised for his efforts at investment company Fidelis and The Business Buyers Club.

The award raises an interesting question – what is an entrepreneur? There are various definitions floating around but we believe an entrepreneur is someone tenacious, who continually innovates, who thinks creatively about business and isn’t afraid to be unconventional.

Which describes Guy in a nutshell.

So, sporting a new moustache (due to his fund-raising efforts for ‘Movember’) Guy expressed his delight at receiving the accolade:

“Entrepreneurism is key to the success of this country. I’m honoured to contribute to this, along with serving in the Reserve Forces, supporting the Regular Army in operations around the globe. It’s an enormous privilege.”

The evening raised over £2500 for Help for Heroes, a charity which is close to Guy’s heart. Guy has served with the British Military for 36 years and regularly takes part in fundraising for this and other charities. It gets little support from the government.

On behalf of Guy, Fidelis would like to thank Graham and Daphne Rowan, and all at the EIC for the award and congratulate the team for hosting such a fabulous evening.


December 2019