The Stress Free Solution To Selling Your Business

As an owner, you have financial goals you are continuously striving for and this applies to selling your business too.

Factors to keep in mind when thinking of selling your business include the timing, preparing your company to sell and finding the right potential buyers.

Selling a company is not always only about getting the best price. Other factors are equally important such as the calibre, the reputation,  the culture, the chemistry and the trust you have in your buyers.

Stress-free Solutions For Selling Your Business

The key benefits of working with Fidelis

  • 1No Broker or Agency Fees

    Because you're not dealing with a middleman there are no broker or agency fees to pay. This also means there's no uncertainty, stress or hassle wasted as is often the case when selling via agents or brokers.

  • 2Bespoke Solutions

    We offer flexible, tailor-made solutions, with time-frames to suit you. Often we can make offers within days and be completed within weeks

  • 3Free Valuation

    There are no valuation fees when you deal directly with Fidelis. We will give you a fair, honest and open valuation for your business.

  • 4Reassurance

    We provide legally binding contracts and written assurances built-in for your protection. We guarantee a confidential sale to minimise the impact on your business and employees while we go through the process. All offers will be explained in a clear and transparent way, and our final offers will be valid for 30 days.

  • 5Values

    As a people business, we strive to remain faithful to our core values. Ultimately we aim to be fair and honest throughout and to treat everyone involved in the process respectfully.

  • 6Team

    Our team is your team. We're down-to-earth business people, straight-talking and true to our word.

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7 Steps To Take Before Selling Your Business

This information-packed, 10 page guide is completely free and will take you through the important steps you need to consider before selling your business including: Is now the right time? Understanding Glide Path exits, valuations and brokers. Get your copy by clicking below.