Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide SME owners with a bespoke, structured ‘equity release’ programme and glide path to exit, while enhancing their business and protecting its legacy.

Fidelis strives for continuous growth in its sectors with limited business risk. Our vision is to grow our business through acquisitions but also to grow organically by enhancing all companies in our portfolio. In doing this, we aim to be the leading SME investment group in the UK in terms of net sales, profitability and sector expertise.

  Stages of Acquisition

  • 1Identification

    Our aim is to engage with business owners of potential acquisitions and to ensure that our values are aligned. This means that prior to a potential sale, owners are already acquainted with who we are and how we work. This relationship of trust is crucial. It is important to us that we treat each potential acquisition as unique and we listen carefully the business owners wants and needs. Then we can devise a plan which ensures a mutual happy outcome.

  • 2Evaluation

    We use several parameters to evaluate a potential acquisition including market position, customers, competitors, main suppliers, historical data and future involvement of key employees. Our main criteria though, is that the company is profitable and owner-managed, preferably with a second tier of management in place.

  • 3Negotiation

    The negotiation stage is primarily about ensuring the deal is win-win for both parties. Its important to ascertain whether key individuals will stay involved after the acquisition and this is often part of the acquisition structure. This is key, for them and for us. It gives the business owner a glide path to exit and an incentive to stay with the company, helping it develop and grow. It is also important that main suppliers are in favour of the acquisition so that they too remain loyal.

  • 4Assessment

    A structured review of the acquired company is carried out. Can the legacy of the business be protected and its employees looked after? Does the company offer the opportunity for enhancement and growth? Will it be possible to expand the scope of clientele and product line? Is the organisation being run in a responsible way? Is growth sustainable over the long term? Could the organisation be made more efficient, with more focus on customers and sales? Is it possible to raise profitability and returns by looking at costs, margins and turnover? New targets are established that are specific to the company and its conditions.

  • 5Completion and Enhancement

    Post-acquisition, and after further evaluation of the business, we begin to implement the Fidelis Business System. This is a blueprint of excellence which we bring to every company we buy.

  • 6Release

    The most significant stage of the process comes once all of the work (and celebrating) has been done. This is when the business owner is able to fully enjoy the rewards and the freedom of no longer being at the helm.

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