Doncaster Rovers’ James Coppinger and Fidelis Senior Partner Terry Gormley discuss the importance of mental health in sport as part of the Heads Up campaign.


The Heads up Campaign, supported by the Duke of Cambridge, aims to build awareness of men’s mental health and what better way to do that than through sport?

Football is our national game, talked about by many almost every day. The aim of the campaign is to encourage men to discuss their mental health in the same way, openly and without embarrassment.

James and Terry are great friends. They met when James was introduced to Terry during a period when he was struggling with his own mental health and it was impacting his game. James has always been open about his challenges, the transformation Terry was able to influence and about how the sessions revolutionised his performance at Doncaster Rovers.


This interview aired on Sky Sports and we’ve shared it because, as a team, we believe wholeheartedly in being open about mental health.