Guy was invited back to contribute again recently on the WealthBuilders Podcast, this time on the subject of business acquisitions.

In this episode, all aspects of buying and owning a business are discussed in detail and with the backdrop of Covid-19 in mind.

Here’s the episode description:

A business is an asset only when it can continue to operate and thrive without being completely dependent on its owner. The reality is that many people start a business and never reach beyond the level of simply owning their own job Рoften resulting in working more hours than they did before and not enjoying the freedom they had hoped for. This can lead to business owners growing weary and looking to sell. The coronavirus outbreak has impacted businesses in many ways and for those who are monitoring the situation, some interesting observations can be made. One such person is today’s guest, Guy Bartlett, business acquisition and development expert at the Fidelis group.

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