The Great Tax Grab Live Webinar – PART 2 – Replay

The Great Tax Grab Part 2 – Protect Your Wealth! Free live webinar event Thursday 17th December 11am


Find out what every business owner can do NOW to protect their wealth from the Great Tax Grab that’s coming!

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If you watched my last webinar, as a business owner in the UK you’ll already know about the looming tax grab that is a clear and present danger to your personal wealth!

Did you know this?

  • 80% of your wealth will be tied up in your company
  • Government policy around Covid has battered the economy so they NEED more tax
  • The Office for Tax Simplification have openly told the government to raise Capital Gains Tax to 40%!
  • You have less than 90 days to save your cash if you’re thinking of selling
  • You have less than 90 days to make changes to your personal wealth planning to mitigate future tax rises

This webinar is aimed squarely at you as a business owner who’s worked hard and risked everything to survive 2020 only to see that remaining wealth being stripped by the government

We will share with you the 5 major things you can do to save you and your family from this looming tax grab:

  • Learn how to take a fresh look at valuations
  • What do you need to do within 90 days if you want to get out
  • Understand how Trusts can save you and your family now
  • What is a Vendor Initiated MBO and how do you do it
  • How to use an Employee Ownership Trust as an alternative

You owe it to yourself and your family to spend just 1 HOUR of your life to learn what you can do.

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Come along, to get all the crucial information you need to protect what’s yours.