Following his time in the Military Trevor moved onto focusing on his desire to become an entrepreneur. Whilst studying for his Law Degree Trevor worked for his idol Sir James Goldsmith by standing for Parliament with him in the 1997 General Election.

Whilst studying Law at University, Trevor set up his first business with a student loan and every credit card he could borrow from. The business towards being at the cutting-edge of the After the Event Insurance market. During this time Trevor had raised over £1m in private funding (both VC and Angel), over £7m in Bank Financing, and arranged various underwriting deals with Lloyds of London. This business proved to be Trevor’s living-MBA as he learned, the hard way, how to run the business side of the business.

Now, over two decades later with experience in running various businesses in different sectors, Trevor has developed a proven methodology to help SMEs enhance their shareholder value and optimise their performance. Fidelis has proved to be the perfect environment to take advantage of this experience as we seek to enhance the hard work that the previous owners have devoted to their companies.