Stop. Breathe. Think.

Last week, Fidelis Co-Founder Guy Bartlett hosted a CV workshop with 16 young people from around the UK. It was just one of Youth Charity Snow Camp’s latest initiatives, aimed at helping young people progress on to positive future pathways, equipped with techniques and skills they’ve learned on the way.


Guy’s workshop was part of Stop.Breathe.Think, Snow Camp’s campaign which offers young people free mental health and wellbeing support.

As you can see from our screenshot, there were lots of smiling faces (including Guy’s!) and the group really enjoyed the fun, but hugely informative, session.

One of the group Julie, from Scotland, said “I really enjoyed the workshop and found it really informative. During the workshop I realised there was lots of stuff in my CV that I don’t need on there and I am looking forward to updating it.”

Snow-Camp North West Programme Manager, Morv added, “The young people thought the session was great, they were writing stuff down and it was really informative and interesting. Guy was really light-hearted and easy to connect to. It was an amazing session.”

If you’re a young person finding life a challenge at the moment, or you know someone who might need help, please visit the Stop.Breathe.Think. page on Snow Camp’s website.